With over 50 years of combined training experience, our team values your safety. Our lead instructor has more than 26 years training experience and is a certified Ronin Police Defensive tactics instructor and certified CDT instructor under world renowned body guard and safety expert Tom Patire. Our team of instructors care about your safety. Our top priority is to make sure the material is easy to learn and apply so that you walk away confident in your new skills.

Not sure if you will remember what your learned? No need to worry! We offer on-going refresher classes throughout the year.

Our Next Course is December 2, 2017


Our next FSD Self-Defense course provides training to create predictable outcomes for violent and non-violent situations.

Which Course is right for you?

Self Defence Courses

Full Spectrum Defence courses provide self-defense training to 
train predictable outcomes in violent and non-violent situations

Our Self-Defense courses are designed to be 4 hours in length but can be customized to facilitate the needs of our clients and the organizations that we deal with. Pricing is determined on group size and length of course selected.

  • 1 hour courses are based on self-escape.
  • 4 hour courses detail your legal rights and are scenario-based to test your newly acquired skills.

Self Defense Courses*: $139.95 + HST



Gun Defence / Active Shooter Courses

FSD defensive gun courses focus on simple, effective disarming techniques!

Disarms are taught for hand gun and long gun scenarios. Each course is 2 hours in length and focuses on techniques and training based on Tom Patire’s CDT system. All techniques learned are effective from close range for either one on one engagement or third-party situations.  Each course will also go through an Active Shooter scenario.

Courses will teach you simple gun safety and the understanding of how hand gun and long guns work. Understanding the weapon is important if disarms are to be effective. Instructors have real life gun experience which will help the understanding and teaching of proper gun defense.

The end of the course will test your new skills through a scenario based exercise from the training learned for the day.

This course will prove to be challenging and effective. FSD will supply all the training tools needed for the course.

Please note there is no video or voice recording allowed during training sessions.

Gun Defense/Active Shooter Course: $99.95

*All self defense courses includes 1 free refresher class