With over 50 years of combined training experience, our team values your safety. Our lead instructor has more than 30 years training experience and is a certified Ronin Police Defensive tactics instructor and certified CDT™ instructor under world renowned body guard and safety expert Tom Patire. Our team of instructors care about your safety. Our top priority is to make sure the material is easy to learn and apply so that you walk away confident in your new skills.

Not sure if you will remember what your learned? No need to worry! We offer on-going refresher classes throughout the year.

Self Defense Courses, Programs & Classes Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Brantford Stratford London
Self Defense Courses, Programs & Classes Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge Brantford Stratford London

Full Spectrum Defense has a small team of instructors who specialize in self defense tactics and strategies. Our courses can be customized and adapted to suit a variety of requirements. We are happy to provide onsite training or in studio courses.

James Fries Martial Arts Self Defense Instructor

James Fries
Founder and Lead Instructor

Full Spectrum Defense is a company dedicated to Personal Protection and Safety Courses. Our lead instructor James Fries has been training and teaching martial arts and defensive tactics for over 30 years. James is an ITC Certified Bodyguard, CDT and Last Resort Tactics (LRT) instructor. James is trained under world renowned bodyguard Tom Patire and retired ATF agent Carlos Montalvo for all defensive tactics training. “We are constantly evolving to stay current with today’s ever changing society”.

Training Resume:
  • CDT Instructor 
  • Ronin Police Defensive Tactics Instructor 
  • Last Resort Tactics Instructor 
  • Martial Arts Instructor
  • ITC Certified Body Guard 
  • ISSA Martial Arts Conditioning Coach
  • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer 

Our team of instructors is always working with you to ensure your experience is like nothing you have ever done before. You will leave feeling like family with the skills to look out for your family and loved ones.

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