Full Spectrum Defense offers a variety of defense courses specific for Men, Women, Teens, Healthcare Workers, Business Travellers, Realestate agents and more. We also offer Gun Defense/ Active Shooter courses.

Our courses are designed to be 1-4 hours in length and can be customized to facilitate the needs of our clients and the organizations that we partner with. Pricing is determined on group size and length of course selected.

Build Your Confidence With Our Levelled Courses
and Learn in a Safe Professional Environment.

Level I
Self Defense Course

This 4 hour course trains you to create predictable outcomes in violent and non-violent situations.

COST: $139.95 + HST SALE $99.95

Level II
Self Defense Course

In this course you will review your Level 1 Self Defense and build on it with new tools that are simple and effective. You will be guided through new scenarios and introduced to weapon escapes. In addition to body positioning for different situations and more effective strike and stun techniques. Includes a Completion Certificate.

COST: $119.95 + HST SALE $69.95


Group training and corporate package pricing is available. Please contact our head office to discuss your particular needs to ensure you get the best pricing and course development to suit your groups individual needs.

Third Party
Defensive Tactics Course

Third party courses are taught using the liability based system from Tom Patire’s CDT™ system. Our third party courses will teach law enforcement and security staff how to safely separate people who are involved in an altercation. We will teach you how to diffuse a situation before it becomes violent. Courses teach you how to properly escort an aggressive person safely and with liability in mind. All techniques that are taught are safe and effective.

You will learn awareness skills on how to approach a and diffuse a situation before it becomes violent.  All skills at the course taught are hands on and based on scenario type training. All techniques are based on “soft handed” techniques and are perfect for security, law enforcement or family protection.

Please contact us for more info on our next course.

Gun Defense/
Active Shooter

Disarms are taught for hand gun and long gun scenarios. Each course is 3 hours in length and focuses on techniques and training based on Tom Patire’s CDT™ system. All techniques learned are effective from close range for either one on one engagement or third-party situations.  Each course will also go through an Active Shooter scenario.

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Courses are offered on site or at our training facility. Call or email with questions or to register: