The Awareness of Self Defense Online Course ©2021

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The Awareness of Self Defense Online Course ©2021


Self defense is more than just physical game. You must be prepared mentally as well. This course will help improve your overall mental awareness and preparedness in different situations and environments at home and throughout the world.


Welcome to our online course to help teach overall awareness to women and men. The material in this course will help prepare you situations that may become dangerous or life threatening to you or a loved one. Understanding what to do mentally will help prepare you if the situation becomes physical. This course is for anyone over the age of 14 and all genders will benefit from the material presented. Learn what to do before you travel anywhere, how not to portray yourself as a victim and also aware of your mental state on a daily basis.
This course will help prepare your for the Full Spectrum Defense hands on courses.  Remember you are your own 911 call when no else can help. Be prepared and proactive!


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