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our clients are saying about us

“This course was awesome. I would recommend this course to anybody who works in security, or any type of law enforcement. This course was really really helpful – it will save your life!”

“FSD is a big addition to my arsenal on my way to law enforcement. Will definitely recommend it and I’m looking forward to being back again”

“Great course. Hopefully I will never need these skills, but knowing them helps me feel safer and more confident. It’s also a really fun way to spend a few hours.”

“Perfect ratio of instructors to students. Simple and easy to learn techniques that anyone can use.”

“Hopefully I never have to use the information and training I received today, but I do feel that I learned enough even if it was only to avoid these situations”

“FSD did an incredible job at providing us with the tools to defend ourselves and become more confident in bad situations. They are very knowledgeable and experienced in self-defense”

“Great course. Very helpful for women to be able to escape desperate scenarios”

“They did a great job of helping you practice and see what your actual reaction would be in a situation”

“Great introduction course to self-defense techniques”

“This course gave me the confidence to be able to get out of a potentially dangerous situation”“A terrific opportunity to learn self defense techniques and applications in a real life environment and left a lasting impression on me. I would recommend to all  my family and friends.”

“This is a critical course for everyone to partake in. I feel so much more confident in my safety and knowledge”

“Course was great! I came in knowing nothing and leave feeling more equipped if I were to ever find myself in a compromising situation”

“I will definitely recommend this course to others. It was very valuable in raising awareness and knowledge of what to do in different situations. It was great info and not overwhelming.”

“Not only was the course educational, I learned real techniques that’ll help me in very real situations. My confidence level has increased and I look forward to attending more courses in the future.  It was a comfortable setting and a super fun day!”