Awareness: Potential Predator Eye Language Copy

In addition to body language eye language can be an indicator of a potential predator.  Here are some patterns to  be aware of:

  • “dead eyes” –  example – eyes that look through you with no emotion
  • “glaring eyes” – example – eyes that never blink and they never look away
  • “shifty/nervous eyes”  example – eyes that look in random directions, appear unfocused and are possibly blinking more than normal

Other considerations for eyes:

  • Eye contact – someone ignoring direct eye contact with you while engaging in communication
  • Blink rate – a person under stress will blink their eyes faster than someone who not under stress or duress
  • Distracted  eyes – where someone’s eyes are looking can sometimes give clues other things about to happen around you

You are in a crowd of people and someone stops to talk with you. You don’t know them they aren’t making eye contact and they seem nervous with their approach.  They are sweating excessively and won’t take their hands out of their pockets.  This is when you should look for options to create space, a possible distraction or to leave this situation