Awareness: Self Assessment Copy

In addition to knowing your environment, surroundings and potential predator behaviors you also need to be aware of your own self. 

  • Know how you feel
  • Self assess – sleep, drinking habits, stress, physical fitness, relationship issues
  • Know your personal limitations – what, if any martial arts training do you have, physical fitness ability and your own mental health. If you are unsure of your limitations, then your only goal is to create space and leave the situation.
  • Be aware of the environment you are in, it can alter your mental state

You will change how you react to a situation based on the points above.

You just finished a long week of night shifts, you’re tired and you  are dealing with some personal issues. Someone approaches just to talk but you don’t know them, You will more than likely react completely different under the same circumstances if you were well rested and everything was going great. Always take time to self assess, it will help you identify when you need to take a step back as well.