Keep Your Room Safe

  • Keep your room key in a safe place
  • Place valuables in your room safe and change the code each day. Stay away from code numbers like: 1-2-3-4, phone numbers etc.
  • Leave the tv on when you are not in your room – this will make people think you in your room
  • Use the Do Not Disturb banner when you are not in your room
  • At night place a chair under the door knob as an added level of security for your room
  • Do not leave any identification visible in your room when you are not there
  • Upon checking out – keep your room key, there is personal information on that key card
  • If you loose your key card ask for a new ones for the room, this will change the entry code in case someone else has your card
  • Remember how you place things in the room and always be aware if things have been moved around if you have left your room and have returned