Physical Positioning: Group Attacks Copy

Attacks can be with one aggressor or with a group.  If you find yourself with a group of attackers, here are some things to assess:

  • Identify where they are standing and the number of people
  • Is there a “leader” in the group?
  • Are they blocking an exit?
  • The physical size of the potential aggressor(s)

If you find yourself in a group attack situation decide your exit method, create space and get to safety.  You cannot fight more than one person at once, so pick the weakest link and go!. Once you have made your decision act on it immediately. The quicker you respond the less time the aggressor(s) will have to to react.

Puzzle pieces fitting together

You are walking down the sidewalk by yourself. You see a group of teenagers approaching that are looking for trouble. Figure out where you need to be. Its usually easier to walk around them if possible. Never walk through the centre of them to put yourself in a situation that you could become surrounded.