Supplimentary Material: Witness Impact Copy

The first step is knowing when to get involved and when not to get involved.  When the situation is not life threatening, always call the police as your first step. While waiting for the police you can: 

  • If possible, video the situation as video leaves nothing to your recollection abilities.  Note: do not post to social media
  • If you can’t video or while videoing, make note of the following:
    • Number of people involved
    • Observe the people for clothing, ethnicity, size, gender and age
    • Use of weapons
    • Intent of situation
    • Length of attack
    • Outcome of the situation

Maintain a safe distance and be ready to move quickly if this attack comes in your direction or the situation becomes life threatening.

Puzzle pieces fitting together

You witness a fight between two people, but you are not involved. Take in as much information as possible to help if police show up or someone gets injured. There are many outcomes to situations and as a third party witness you should be able to give an unbiased report on what you witnessed. Remember you do not need to involve yourself in situations that do not pertain to you or someone you’re with.