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While you are on vacation, predators may be working overtime.  A predator could be from your destination or another vacationer.  They sometimes work individually or in teams to target tourists.  Common types of crimes targeted at resort tourists include: 

  • Theft from your room, belongings left unattended or luggage
  • Sexual assault
  • Scams, often suggesting that you’ve broken the law in some way

You are at your resort and have made some new friends. They suggest checking out an off-site nightclub to go dancing.   You’ve had a few drinks already and know this might not be the best idea, so you decline opting to enjoy resort-based entertainment and bars.

You are on an excursion and you see someone with a flat tire looking for help. Most times these are setups for kidnapping or extorsion type operations. You do not need to offer help for circumstances like this. The safest thing to do is continue on your way.